About Us

About Salem Baptist Church, Inc.


Who We Are

Our church is a community of believers with Jesus Christ as its head.  We seek to love, respect and care for one another as a demonstration of our love for God.

Our outreach is to those who have no church home.  Many in our area are disillusioned with religion.  They have felt the sting of legalism with its impossible demands.  Some have seen hypocrisy.  Others have had no religious background and therefore see Christianity as irrelevant.  The missing element has been healthy relationships with mature believers in Christ. 

Who We Are

Though Salem Baptist Church is an autonomous congregational body, we do recognize mutual affiliations with the New River Baptist Association,  the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the Southern Baptist Convention in an effort to further our reach to the outside world and spread the love of Jesus Christ

Our Staff

Senior Pastor Danny McLamb

Senior Pastor

Cell: 910-499-1070

E-mail: freed2serve1@yahoo.com

Children's Ministry Director

Kathleen Sakiewicz

Cell: 239-218-2113

E-mail: ksakiewicz1092@gmail.com

Youth Ministry Director

Lisa Lee

Cell: 910-389-4654

E-mail: lisalee85@yahoo.com

Financial Secretary

Judy Saunders

Cell: 910-315-1487

E-mail:  judy.stokes@salembaptistsf.com

Administrative Assistant

Denise Hamrick

Office: 910-327-2161

E-mail:  churchsecretary@salembaptistsf.com